Write a Powerful B2B Sales Letter to Close Lucrative Deals

A Sales Letter Copywriter Helps Grow Your Business

A sales letter is where you really sell yourself.

In business, one of the most important things you can do is: It can be the most valuable skill in getting new customers or clients for your business.

However, before writing your sales letter, or investing in a professional copywriter to do it for you, consider the following:

Volume: Is your target market broad enough to sell thousands of products, or is it so narrow you can only expect to service a few clients?

Price: Can you sell many products quickly and cheaply?

Can you only sell only a few expensive products or services at a time?

Depending on your volume and pricing, a sales letter may or may not be right for you. For high volume and low priced products like a regular landing page would do just fine. The long-form sales letter works best if your product or service are either scarce, high-priced or target a small market niche.

The success of your sales letter hinges on one thing:

#1 Rule for Effective Sales Letter Copywriting: Know Your Audience

This is where essential research comes in. In your research, you visualize your ideal customer.

  • Who is he or she?
  • Are they single or married? With or without kids?
  • Do they own a house? A car?
  • Do they have jobs? What kind of job? Do they hate their jobs?
  • Do they spend most of their online time on Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest?

Once you create a profile of your ideal customer, your sales letter needs to be written to that ideal customer.

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Your B2B sales letter should be both educational and persuasive.

It should have all the elements of copywriting, such as:

  • Getting attention
  • Hitting all the pain points
  • Storytelling
  • Providing a solution
  • Building desire
  • Overcoming objections
  • Social proof with testimonials
  • Call to action(s)
  • A postscript or “P.S.” (yes, everybody reads this)

Once you tie all of these together, you have an effective sales letter copywriting method and you should start seeing more deals and increased revenue.

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Your sales letter should flow smoothly and read like a personal letter — as if you are helping a friend through a tough spot in life. To get buyers or clients through a well-written and persuasive sales letter, contact a professional sales letter copywriter for a quote:

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