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Areas of Expertise

Complex and technical industries need a technical copywriter who speaks your language.

Blockchain Technology

As someone with an inside view of the growth of decentralized applications, I bridge the educational marketing gap between blockchain technology and your target market, realizing the untapped potential of your idea.


As a software developer for desktop, web, and mobile apps, I have an inside view on evolving software technologies. This will help me give you a competitive edge when marketing to the technical-minded folks in these industries.

Renewable Energy

My career experience in the wind and solar energy industry comes in handy as a renewable energy copywriter. I know who the big players and stakeholders are. I also understand the political landscape on energy policies.

Weather Risk Management

As a meteorologist graduate and a weather hobbyist, I have background in weather forecast models, commodity trading, and risk management products. I will deliver the best work that will exceed your expectations.

Legal and Insurance

Selling insurance is hard because people don’t think bad things will happen to them. When something does happen, they hire personal injury lawyers. For your legal or insurance firm, I help you get the clients you want.

Hearing Devices

Being deaf and your target market myself, I have firsthand experience with hearing aids, cochlear implants, and assistive technologies. I will provide more value to your customers while reducing your costs.

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