Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you usually work? What's the process?

The first thing I do is gather information about what your business needs to accomplish.

I send you a brief questionnaire to gather relevant details about your business, objectives, product or service offering, and target market. It helps streamline the whole process and save everyone’s time.

Next, I take the time to research your market and gather relevant information. I can also work off your notes.

Then I write the copy and let you review the first draft. Based on your feedback, I revise the draft until you are happy. I also allow for two rounds of revisions without additional cost.

Finally, I invoice you for the project fee. The usual terms are 30 days from payment due date.

Can you send me your writing samples?

You’re always welcome to ask for samples most relevant to your industry and type of project.

On top of that, there are plenty of samples to read in my portfolio. Please feel free to take a look. You can even filter my portfolio by type of project!

I am also happy to provide additional samples not available on this site.

However, in some cases, I may have an existing non-disclosure and/or confidentiality agreement with my current clients. To abide these agreements, some samples or client names will not be shared.

What are your rates?

I usually charge a simple, pre-agreed flat rate per project as opposed to hourly or by the word.

My rates vary depending on the type of project, reflecting the time and effort I put in, my experience, the advice I offer, and the value I add to your business. My rates fall in the midrange of copywriters based in the U.S.

For long-term projects, some clients prefer to put me on a monthly retainer, in which case I add even more value.

How do I pay you?

You can pay me via credit card, debit card, PayPal, or even Bitcoin!

I send you an invoice by email, which makes it very easy for you to make your payment. You can either pay in full or in installments, depending on our agreement.

The standard is 50% upfront before starting work, and 50% due upon completion.

For retainer agreements, invoices are due on the same date each month from the date our agreement goes into effect.

Unpaid invoices past 30 days beyond the due date will begin accruing 2% per month in interest.

Can we set up a call to discuss?

I’d be very happy to discuss your project.

However, I am deaf and therefore cannot communicate over the phone. What we could do is discuss by email and/or via Skype. I also have a Telegram account if you prefer. If you wish to discuss via Skype or Telegram, here is my contact information:

Skype ID: nkeblawi
Telegram: @nkfreelance

Otherwise, you may email me at any time. I usually respond quickly.

Rest assured, although most of my clients have never worked with a deaf person before, this has never been an issue when working with me.

Do you do infographics or any graphic design?


I am not a graphic designer or videographer, so these are not part of my services.

However, I have a network of business-minded folks and can find you a professional graphic designer in no time. Just ask and I’ll be happy to give you a name!

If you want a turnkey project with both copywriting and graphic design, I would be more than willing to team up with a graphic designer, either of your choice or by my recommendation.

Do you do all the SEO work?

Not all, but some.

I only do SEO copywriting, on-page SEO strategies, and keyword research. I am quite proficient with the Yoast SEO and All-In-One SEO plugins for WordPress.

However, I do not provide any backlinking or off-page SEO services. These off-page SEO services would have to be done by an SEO agency or a specialist. Additionally, the results are generally better if an expert is involved.

Do you do any website services?


Other than copywriting, I do website setup and redesign using WordPress.

Most website needs and requirements can be met with WordPress or Squarespace, both off-the-shelf Content Management Systems. I know how to set these up, choose the right plugins or themes, use visual editors, and optimize the site for SEO.

But if you need a highly customized website built from scratch, with lots of custom coding, I recommend going with a web development agency.

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