Generate More Leads with a Credibility-Boosting White Paper

Work with a Professional White Paper Writer to Create Informative Products

Trust is the most valuable currency in the B2B market.

Without it, you have nothing. Harsh, but true.

Before you can think about locking down seven-figure deals in your industry, you first need to establish trust with your prospects. One of the best ways is to give them relevant and valuable information that solves their problems.

If your customers have a problem, and need to turn to an authority who knows how to solve that problem, learning how to write a white paper aimed precisely towards solving that problem would be very useful — and eventually profitable.

how to write a white paper

#1 Rule on How to Write a White Paper:

Get people to take action, not put them to sleep.

If you are in the software and technology field — whether it is renewable energy, blockchain technology, software as a service, or even in the legal industry, here are three reasons why you should write a white paper (or have a professional white paper copywriter to do it for you).

Your white paper will serve as a powerful lead generation piece to reel in high-ticket clients.

Three Reasons White Papers are Powerful Marketing Tools

Builds Trust

Why would people spend their hard-earned cash on your business and not your competitors? A strong white paper can easily answer that by turning even the harshest skeptics into your most loyal customers. When you show you understand their business, customers feel more comfortable spending money on your product and service.

Solves Problems

Your customers have problems. They need to solve them. And fast. You have a product or service that helps solve their problems. With a well positioned white paper, you can explain in-depth how your product solves your customer’s problem. Your white paper can establish a link in your customer’s mind how you solve their problem.

Generates New Leads

72% to 76% of managers in the B2B technology industry said a white paper was useful in their decision to purchase a product or service from another business. Educating and engaging contacts with white papers and e-books generates high-value leads. Dollar for dollar, white papers are among the most effective in high-technology marketing.

Let a White Paper Copywriter Take Care of It For You

Graphs and charts make white papers more dynamically appealing.  Just because it’s called a “white paper” does not mean it has to be dry and boring.

An effective white paper copywriter knows to include visually appealing charts and graphs along with subheaders so people can quickly scan the paper and find the sections most relevant to them.

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To get help on how to write a white paper that people find creative, informative and impactful, please contact a professional white paper writer:

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