Create Clear and Easily Understandable Documentation for Your Products

Your Customers Appreciate Clear and Concise Documentation

Long and complicated documentation do not get read.

Whether you are selling a WordPress plugin or a new home sensor that connects to the Internet, you need to show new customers how to use your new product.

Nothing frustrates a new customer faster than unclear how-to manuals.

Retain customer loyalty by helping them AFTER they buy your product.

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If You Want People to RTFM, Then Make a Better FM

The truth is people don’t “read the f*cking manual” if they cannot understand it.

After spending money on your product, they just want to get right down to using it. Immediately.

When your customers get confused in setting up your product, get frustrated when they don’t use it correctly, you risk getting a spate of bad reviews and refund requests.

You don’t want that, do you?

Get a technical writer to help your customers after the sale. The benefit of retaining customer loyalty is you can re-market to them with up-sells and new product releases.

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Hire a Professional Technical Writer to Make Your Product Easy to Use

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