Stop Trying to Write Sales Copy Yourself

Break Open the Floodgates in Your Sales Funnel with Powerful Landing Pages and Persuasive Email Sequences

Drive More Traffic

Craft compelling landing pages to convert traffic from Facebook ads. Grow your email lists with effective squeeze pages and attractive lead magnets.

Nurture Your Leads

Warm your cold leads with conversational email sequences. Move them through an unforgettable buyer’s journey and get them to beg you to take their money.

Monetize and Retire Early

Use tripwire funnels to fund your lead generation. Craft upsells, cross-sells, core offers, and sales pages to monetize your funnel. Never rely on templates!

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Email Copywriting
$500 per email
Minimum of 3 emails
Effective subject lines
7 day revision period
Review of open rates
Click-through strategies
Landing Page Copywriting
$1,200 per page*
Conversion copywriting
Home & About pages
Campaign-specific pages
A/B test variants
7 day revision period
Sales Copywriting Package
Value-based pricing
Strategy and planning
Email series
Short-form squeeze pages**
Long-form sales pages
30 day revision period
Funnel performance review

*Does not include Long-form Sales Pages, which are only available in the Sales Copywriting package.

**Short-form Squeeze Pages and OTO Pages start at only $600 each. Please select the Sales Copywriting package for these.

“Uhhh… I’m still so confused! I just don’t know what I want!”

Don’t worry, we’ll clear this right up. Get a FREE EMAIL CONSULTATION where I will answer your questions about HOW to craft a funnel that JUST works.

Otherwise, read on to see exactly what you get out of this whole deal.

What You Get

Copy for All Buyer Journey Stages

Social Media / PPC Ads

Email sequences

Opt-in pages or squeeze pages

Customized order forms

Long-form sales pages

High-converting thank you pages

Sales scripts

Video scripts

Sales Copywriting Strategy

With the Sales Copywriting Package, you get strategic guidance plus:

Creation of the right sales strategy

Conceptually mapping your strategy

 Creation of sales copy

Planning your lead magnets, tripwires, and core offers

 Sales copy performance review with suggestions for improvement

Is Design Included?

I write all sales copy in a word processor, including Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You provide all the graphics to be included in the draft.

To include design in your funnel content may increase the cost of the project by at least 50% due to project management and graphic designer fees.

However, it is recommended you retain your own designer, in-house if possible, to ensure brand consistency across all stages of your funnel.

What’s NOT Included

Transparency is one of my closely-held business values. While I can help you with your high-quality content strategy, there are many factors that are beyond our direct control.

For transparency’s sake, I will be honest about what I cannot do:

❌ I cannot handle any technical or software aspect of your funnel.
❌ I cannot be held responsible if your funnel fails or underperforms due to technical or integration issues.
❌ I cannot manage or run your social media advertising campaigns.
❌ I cannot provide graphics other than free-use stock photos from Pexels or Pixabay.
❌ I cannot guarantee how many leads or customers you will get.

In a nutshell, you are responsible for setting up your funnel software like Lead Pages, Clickfunnels, etc… while I would be responsible for writing the sales copy for your funnel.

How We Work: Our 5-Step Process

We use a 5-Step Process to deliver the best possible results for your business:

Step 1: Discovery
You fill out a questionnaire to help me get information about your business and goals.

Step 2: Kickoff
We sign and execute our agreement. We also exchange some quick ideas and material.

Step 3: Research
I conduct in-depth expert research to generate a creative brief for your sales copy.

Step 4: Delivery
I send you high quality deliverables according to our agreed schedule and your preferred format.

Step 5: Revisions
Up to two revisions per piece are included within a pre-agreed period of time.

For more details into my 5-Step Process, see FAQ below or Select Your Package above.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you usually work? What's the process?

Let me introduce you to my 5-Step Process. Let’s go through this step by step:

Step 1: Discovery

When you click “Get Started Now” or “Request Custom Quote”, you will fill out an intake form. This is to gather information about what you want to accomplish and to maximize the return on your investment. In some cases, I may ask you to fill out a second and more detailed questionnaire. You will fill out relevant details about your business, objectives, product or service, and target market. It helps streamline the whole process and save everyone's time. The more details you provide, the higher chance that we will fulfill your goals.

Step 2: Kickoff

After submitting your questionnaire, I will reach out to you via email. I may request topic ideas and/or additional source material. This is also when we will discuss contracts and agreements, if warranted. Once we’re ready, we will kick-off the project with an upfront payment or deposit.

Step 3: Research

I will do subject-matter and market research to build out the deliverable. If the deliverable is extensive and long-form, such as a white paper or a long-form thought-leadership article, I will ask you to preview an outline and approve it before I write the full content. In the case of website or landing page copy, I will draw up conceptual sketches to show how the copy will interrelate with the existing design and graphics if necessary. I will also reach out to you if I have further questions or need additional material. Within our pre-agreed schedule, the content or sales copy will be written as a first draft within a word processor. Our discussions can be carried out via email, Skype, or Telegram.

Step 4: Delivery

I will send you high-quality deliverables backed by in-depth research according to our agreed schedule. The format of these deliverables can either be in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, depending on your preference. Depending on your package selection, stock images, topic creation, and a strategic content calendar may be included. Free-use stock images will be sourced from Pexels or Pixabay. If applicable, the remaining balance will be due at this point.

Step 5: Revisions

A maximum of two free revisions per piece will be allowed free of extra charge. However, I ask that you request both revisions within seven days of receiving the piece. If you wait past 7 days to request these revisions, I will charge hourly for those edits. For example, if I send you a first draft on a Tuesday, you have until the end of the following Tuesday to request revisions. If you request the first revision on the following Monday, it will be done free of extra charge. However, if you request a second revision on that Wednesday, one day after the 7 day period, hourly rates will be charged for those edits. The only exception to this rule, however, is if we are working on a white paper or ebook, in which case I extend the free revision window to 30 days. If you need an extension on the 7 day revision period, I may give it another week depending on your circumstances.

Can you send me your writing samples?

You’re always welcome to ask for samples most relevant to your industry and type of project.

On top of that, there are plenty of samples to read in my portfolio. Please feel free to take a look. You can even filter my portfolio by industry for best relevancy!

I am also happy to provide additional samples not available on this site. However, in some cases, I may have an existing non-disclosure and/or confidentiality agreement with my current clients. To abide these agreements, some samples or client names will not be shared.

How do I pay you?

I accept payments via debit, electronic ACH transfers, credit cards, and PayPal. I send you an invoice by email, which makes it very easy for you to make your payment. You can either pay in full or in installments, depending on our agreement and the complexity of the project. 

Simple projects like single blog articles, landing pages, or case studies are invoiced 100% upfront. More complex packages and long-term projects like the Content Strategy Package or Resource Content Package are billed monthly over a pre-agreed term. For such retainer agreements, invoices are due on the same date each month from the date our agreement goes into effect.

Regarding late fees: I charge 2% a month in late fees once an invoice is beyond 30 days past due.

A note on net payment terms:

  • Contracts with net 30 terms can only be executed with the content strategy, resource content generation, and sales funnel packages.
  • Contracts with net 60 or net 90 terms will not be considered.

As of January 1, 2019, I am no longer accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any cryptocurrency as payments. 

Do you accept equity or partnership deals?


Some prospective clients have asked me if I could agree to an equity deal or a partnership in lieu of upfront payments. I have declined all of these offers because it is against my company policy to accept work without at least receiving an upfront deposit.

Such offers tend to be from startups or small businesses that claim to not have any funds to compensate for content marketing, SEO and/or copywriting services. I tend to work with businesses that understand the value of what I do, and thus directly compensate me for it according to our agreed upon payment terms.

Can we set up a call to discuss?

I'd be very happy to discuss your project. However, I am deaf and therefore cannot communicate over the phone. What we could do instead is discuss by email. You may email me at any time -- I usually respond quickly. Be assured that although most of my clients have never worked with a deaf person before, this has never been an issue when working with me.

Otherwise, you can fill out the questionnaire form once you select the type of content marketing or copywriting you need. The questionnaire replaces the need for a discovery call, and I will always follow up with you via email after you submit your questionnaire responses.

Do you do infographics or any graphic design?

No. I am not a graphic designer or videographer, so these are not part of my services beyond selecting stock images from Pexel or Pixabay.

If you want a turnkey project with both writing and design, I also know an extremely talented designer who I am more than happy to introduce you. We have even teamed up for the same projects before! Every client I know has fallen in love with her breathtaking creatives.

Do you do all the SEO work?

Not all, but some.

I only do SEO copywriting, on-page SEO strategies, and keyword research in certain packages such as the Content Strategy Package. I am quite proficient with the Yoast SEO and All-In-One SEO plugins for WordPress.

While, I do not provide any backlinking or off-page SEO services, I do have a partner agency with SEO experts that specialize in this. They are in a better position to help you gain the rankings you desire.

Do you do any website services?


As of January 1, 2019, I have ceased to do any website setup, hosting, or design services. I only provide content marketing and copywriting services. Please search for another agency to assist you with your website needs.

Do you manage social media ad campaigns on my behalf?

No, I do not manage social media advertising campaigns. Oftentimes, these are quite complex because each platform has their own terms and are growing in complexity. So this requires more and more specialized social media expertise where they are better equipped to manage your advertising campaigns.

However, I do write social media ad copy. Please see my Build a Sales Funnel Package under Sales Copy services. 

Are you willing to sign an NDA?

Yes, I sign NDAs.

If you are concerned about sending sensitive information to an external vendor, rest assured that I sign NDAs and keep your information airtight like Fort Knox. However, please note that I will only sign NDAs for long-term ongoing relationships, not just to write a single blog post.

Can you supply a Form W-9 as part of our onboarding process?


If you are a company based in the U.S. and require a completed Form W-9 from me, just let me know and I will be happy to send you one.

Still Have Unanswered Questions?