Someone was kind enough to email me a link to a page full of resources for the freelance writer looking to build a successful business. Some of these resources I already use myself, and others I have yet to try but plan to.

He lists 25 resources, broken down into the following categories:

  • The Best Freelance Writing Job Boards
  • How to Create a Stellar Portfolio
  • Resources to Help You Become a Better Writer (and charge more!)
  • SEO and Social Media: What Every Freelance Writer Should Understand
  • Resources to Help You Get Paid (contract templates and invoicing software)

In this post, you’ll find no shortage of links and guides to help you grow as a writer and scale up your business.

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25 Freelance Writing Resources to Get Paid More and Get More Work

I’ve used most of these 25 freelance writing resources throughout my career as a freelance writer to make a living. I still use many of these to this day, and I think you’ll find at least a few useful regardless of your experience level.