The most effective copywriting and highest conversions only happens when the copywriter is an expert in your industry. If I am knowledgeable in your industry and willing to do research to fill in the gaps in topics I’m not most familiar with, my copy will bring you results. In the below link, you can find a niche copywriter that would be a good fit for you and your business objectives.

If we are not the best fit, there are plenty of niche copywriters to choose from below. If I feel I cannot produce the best results because I am not an expert in your field, I will be honest and tell you so.

When you hire a copywriter, you want to feel secure and confident in knowing you hired the right person to bring you more business, more leads, more engagement and most importantly, more sales. This is why I say it is best to have a copywriter who is also an expert in your industry.

Not only do you want someone who speaks your language, you also want someone who spends less time researching your market, costing you less money and getting work done faster, bringing you a bigger bang for your buck.

Find a Niche Copywriter in The Niche Notebook

You can find a niche copywriter at The Niche Notebook, with 50 different niches to choose from. You are guaranteed to find a qualified copywriter for your niche.

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Finding Your Copywriting Niche: 50+ Examples | The Niche Notebook

I have taken a special interest in copywriting niches… Niches actually picked by real-life copywriters and copywriting agencies. Whenever I stumble upon copywriting niche ideas, I scribble them down in my special notebook. I think of that particular Moleskine as “The Niche Notebook.” This list is my digital version.

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