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Finance Writer: Create Newsletter Commentary and Research Reports

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Need help with creating newsletter and research content in the high finance, personal finance, cryptocurrency, and FinTech space?

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I write about managing money, investments, and other financial instruments as well as cryptocurrencies.

I also create high-quality content backed by in-depth research that provides information about financial markets, the economy, and anything money-related.

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Create Finance Newsletters That People Actually Read


As a finance writer, I research the latest and greatest information about finance in a rapidly changing world. 

I produce engaging, interesting, and high-quality educational content, market commentary, and articles for finance newsletters about the following:

  • Retirement vehicles
  • Securities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Personal finance
  • Insurance products
  • Business news
  • Corporate governance

And much more!


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Educational content includes articles on various financial topics including cryptocurrencies to comprehensive learning guides about maintaining a balanced recession-proof portfolio for readers of all ages.

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Relevant Work Samples

Additional samples are available upon request. However, due to NDAs and client confidentiality, some samples cannot be provided.