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Need Objective Feedback On Your Copywriting?

You may want a copywriting consultation if you have the following problems:

  • Your landing page is not converting as many leads as you hoped.
  • You are leaking email list subscribers.
  • You are not getting enough engagement on social media.
  • You feel your marketing strategy had been a total flop.

If you are a copywriter yourself, and just need a second set of eyes on your work, that’s perfectly fine! I will be happy to help.

Free Copywriting Consultation

How does my copywriting consultation work?

This is your chance to pick my brain about anything related to copywriting. You are free to use the time however you want. I have years of experience as a successful copywriter that I’m happy to share. I will be honest and sincere in my feedback.

  1. The first step is to email me about your problem.
  2. I’ll reply back within 24 hours with clarification questions about your piece.
  3. You send me your piece (or share it on Google Docs) and I will give feedback on your copy.

You come away with all of your questions answered, and that’s a guarantee.

Let’s take a look under the hood!

I will show you how to get better results from your copy:

  • I will read and critique your copy for free.
  • I will tell you why you are not seeing as much success as you hoped for.
  • And I will tell how to fix it.

Simply fill out the form above and we’ll take a look.

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