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Seven Rules for B2B Copywriting

Ten Point eCommerce Copy Checklist

Five Steps to Powerful Sales Copy

Cheat Sheet: Summary of The Seven Rules of B2B Copywriting


1. Research your target market.

Get to the very core of the value you offer your clients. Be genuinely interested in helping people. Solving real problems is more important than any kind of persuasion gimmick.

2. Speak the same language as your audience.

Good copy starts with knowing who your audience is. Listen to clients and prospects. Write copy using their words.

3. Promote benefits over features.

Translate each product or service feature into a benefit by asking yourself why your reader should care about this.

4. Make your copy easy to read.

Put the most important information first. Break up the copy into easily digestible chunks. Use headings, subheads and bullet points.

5. Use a friendly and personal tone.

Write as if you’re talking with a friend over an informal lunch about how your product helps people like him.

6. Build credibility with testimonials, statistics and proof.

Include genuine testimonials from real clients. Use case studies, statistics and proof to support your claims. In short, persuade with emotion, back up with facts.

7. Close with a strong and clear call to action.

Simply instruct your reader to do something. “Get a quote”, “Email us”, “Download your report” or “Call us now for more info”, etc. This prompts the reader to take the next step you want.

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