Meet Nabeel Keblawi

It Started With Cocktail Parties

“What do you do?”

They always ask.

If I had a dollar every time they asked me this question, I’d be looking at early retirement. Or to buy my own island.

I’ve spent my career developing software and giving technical presentations to C-level executives in several technology industries.

I’m also an educated customer in several other markets involving hearing aids, cochlear implants, software, insurance and the list goes on.

But there was only one thing that really helped me improve my articulation skills when explaining how technology worked and why it was important.

It was talking to other people about my work at cocktail parties.

This “what do you do?” question has always tripped me up.

Whenever I talked about my job, I got blank stares or confused looks. So I needed to change the way I talked about my work. I needed to find an engaging way to show why my work was important to anyone outside of my industry.

Over the years, I learned how to talk about software and technology in ways that actually generated interest, as opposed to having people’s eyes glaze over in boredom.

Fast forward about ten years later, I discovered a valuable skill I almost did not know I had. It was while I was organizing a large group event at a comedy show, of all places.

I Wrote Marketing Copy for a Comedy Show

marketing copy
As one of the board members of the Hearing Loss Association of America, an advocacy and fundraising organization that serves deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals all over the U.S., I organized a group event at a local comedy club and wrote the marketing copy for it.

The comedy club event was a huge success. All tickets sold out within a few days. The club even added extra seats to accommodate the sudden onslaught of popularity, and it STILL was over capacity. I tell the full story in a blog post here.

Afterwards, some people asked me if I had any interest in becoming a copywriter. At the time, copywriting seemed like a polar opposite from my software development job. It seemed foreign.

But I was curious…

How I Transitioned to Technical Copywriting

To satisfy my curiosity, I read some books about writing marketing copy from the greats like Joseph Sugarman, a master direct response copywriter. As I read through these books, it became obvious why my flyer converted a higher turnout than expected. Intrigued, I began to practice writing marketing copy. Years later, I eventually started a successful business with this skill.

With plenty of practice explaining technical concepts in an engaging way, it was only natural that I eventually transitioned to technical copywriting.

Indeed, the best performing marketing copy I’ve written were usually related to software and technology.

My niche areas of expertise include software products, blockchain technology, SaaS, enterprise technology, cloud computing, renewable energy, hearing devices, insurance and legal services.

Within these areas, I give you better value by cutting down on research time, delivering smarter, tightly customized and more persuasive copy — giving you the biggest bang for your buck. Guaranteed.

Here’s how I develop powerful marketing copy:

  • I research your business, industry and target market.
  • I delve into your ideal customer’s mind, biggest problems and pain points.
  • I dig up the best keyword gems to improve your SEO.
  • I tailor powerful sales narratives to your specific audience.
  • I use powerful words to turbocharge your sales and conversions.

Am I the Right Copywriter For Your Business?

When you are selling insurance, legal services, software or technology, it is best to have a copywriter who is also an expert in your field.

From my experience with both large and small companies, I have years of experience in several niches:

Even if you happen to be in one of those niches, I’ll give you five more reasons to consider me as your copywriter:

1. I understand how your industry works.

2. I know how your target customer thinks.

3. I know how to explain how your product works.

4. I know how to sell the benefits of your product.

5. I know what drives your customers to exchange their hard-earned cash for your product or service.

That’s why I call myself a technical copywriter.

But if you are in a niche or industry I don’t understand, I will be honest and tell you so. I’ll even offer to help you find a copywriter who would probably be a better fit for you. I feel strongly about understanding your business — inside and out — before writing a single word of your marketing copy.

Services – Portfolio – Testimonials

Still not convinced? “Why should I trust this person? I’ve never met or even talked to him before.”

That’s a perfectly valid concern.

Instead of asking you to just “trust me”, I’ll address your concern with transparency and let my work speak for itself. Transparency and integrity are values I hold most dear, and my business reflects this.

Allow me prove it to you by putting all my cards on the table:

  • I lay out all my services, what I can do and what I cannot do.
  • Feel free to judge me by my writing samples in my portfolio.
  • And read the testimonials I got from satisfied clients.

Click below to browse through my services, samples, and testimonials.

How will this work? What is the next step?

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We’ll discuss your needs in detail. I’ll get back to you with an estimate shortly thereafter. We will outline the project terms, cost and timeline together. Upon receipt of an initial deposit, I will begin work on the project.

For a long-term marketing plan, we can agree to a monthly retainer.

As the project gets underway, I will maintain open lines of communication with you. Feedback is always welcome. It is my goal to maintain openness and mutual trust in order to foster a productive partnership. When the project is completed, I will submit the work and send you the final invoice for the remaining balance.

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