Meet Nabeel Keblawi

Hi! I’m Nabeel Keblawi, a professional B2B technology copywriter who helps companies like yours grow and scale their businesses through the power of the written word. Being a former software developer, I have a strong technical background in a number of industries. My niche areas of expertise include software products, SaaS, blockchain technology, Internet of Things, cloud computing, clean energy and climate.

Within these areas, I give you better value by cutting down on research time, delivering smarter, tightly customized and more persuasive copy — giving you the biggest bang for your buck. Guaranteed.

Here’s how I develop powerful marketing copy:

  • I research your business, industry and target market.
  • I delve into your ideal customer’s mind, biggest problems and pain points.
  • I dig up the best keyword gems to improve your SEO.
  • I tailor powerful sales narratives to your specific audience.
  • I use powerful words to turbocharge your sales and conversions.

Most importantly, I make sure the copy I write is perfectly aligned with your business goals.

Am I the Right Copywriter For Your Business?

When you are selling complex products and services, it is best to have a copywriter who is also an expert in your field.

From my experience with both large and small companies, I have years of experience in several niches:

Even if you happen to be in one of those niches, I’ll give you five more reasons to hire me as your copywriter:

1. I understand how your industry works.

2. I know how your target customer thinks.

3. I know how to explain how your product works.

4. I know how to sell the benefits of your product.

5. I know what drives your customers to exchange their hard-earned cash for your product or service.

That’s why I call myself a technical copywriter.

But if you are in a niche or industry I don’t understand, I will be honest and tell you so. I’ll even offer to help you find a copywriter who would probably be a better fit for you. I feel strongly about understanding your business — inside and out — before writing a single word of your marketing copy.

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